Honor 90 GT: Unveiling Excellence in Smartphone Innovation

Honor 90 GT: Unveiling Excellence in Smartphone Innovation

Greetings, tech enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the intricate details of the Honor 90 GT, a smartphone that promises an unparalleled user experience. This comprehensive review will navigate through its design aesthetics, display prowess, performance capabilities, camera innovations, battery life, and more. Let’s embark on this journey to uncover the intricacies of the Honor 90 GT.

Design and Build Quality:

The Honor 90 GT is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, marrying elegance with resilience. Crafted from premium materials, its design exudes sophistication while ensuring durability against daily wear and tear.

  • Display: The device showcases a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, captivating users with vibrant colors and exceptional clarity. The display dominates the front area, with only a discreet hole for the front camera at the top center.
  • Build: With dimensions measuring 161mm in height, 74.2mm in width, and a slender 7.9mm thickness, the Honor 90 GT strikes a balance between a large display and comfortable handling. Weighing in at 185g, it maintains a lightweight profile.

Display and Multimedia:

The display of the Honor 90 GT is a visual feast, complemented by features that elevate the multimedia experience.

  • AMOLED Brilliance: The device boasts an outstanding AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1200×2664 pixels (+1.5K). Supporting HDR technology and achieving a brightness level of up to 2600 lumens, it delivers a visual extravaganza.
  • Refresh Rate: Users will appreciate the smoothness provided by the 120Hz screen refresh rate, enhancing the overall fluidity of interactions.
  • Audio Excellence: Equipped with two stereo speakers, the audio output ensures a rich and immersive multimedia experience.


Underneath its sleek exterior, the Honor 90 GT harbors a powerhouse of performance features, making it a formidable contender in the smartphone arena.

  • Processor Prowess: The device is armed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, manufactured with precision at 4nm. Boasting an octa-core setup, it includes a single-core at 3.2 GHz, dual-core at 2.8 GHz, and a triple-core at 2.0 GHz.
  • Ample RAM: Users can choose from 12, 16, or a staggering 24 GB of RAM, ensuring seamless multitasking and smooth operation even during resource-intensive activities.
  • Storage Options: The Honor 90 GT offers internal storage options of 256 GB, 512 GB, or a whopping 1 TB, providing ample space for files, apps, and multimedia.

Operating System and UI:

The software realm of the Honor 90 GT is characterized by the latest Android 13 operating system, complemented by the user-friendly MagicOS 7.2 interface.

  • Android 13: Users can expect the latest features and security updates, ensuring a modern and secure smartphone experience.
  • MagicOS 7.2: The custom user interface enhances navigation with added features, optimizing the user experience for seamless interaction.

Camera Capabilities:

The camera setup of the Honor 90 GT is a photographic powerhouse, combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

Honor 90 GT: Unveiling Excellence in Smartphone Innovation

Battery Life:

A substantial 5000 mAh battery powers the Honor 90 GT, ensuring prolonged usage on a single charge.

  • Fast Charging: The device supports 100-watt fast charging, a game-changer that allows the device to reach a 100 percent charge within an impressive 32 minutes.


Considering its impressive features, the Honor 90 GT is competitively priced at $365, offering excellent value for the investment.

Connectivity and Storage:

The Honor 90 GT ensures users stay connected with advanced connectivity features and ample storage options.

  • Connectivity: Supporting Wi-Fi version 6, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS, NFC technology, and a USB Type-C 2.0 port, the device covers a spectrum of connectivity needs.
  • Storage: With internal storage options ranging from 256 GB to 1 TB, users can store an abundance of photos, videos, and apps without worrying about running out of space.

Additional Features:

The Honor 90 GT comes loaded with additional features that enhance its overall appeal.

  • In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor: Security meets convenience with the in-screen fingerprint sensor, providing a seamless and secure unlocking experience.
  • High RAM: With options for 12, 16, or 24 GB of RAM, the device caters to users with varying multitasking needs.
  • 120 Hz Screen Refresh Rate: The inclusion of a 120 Hz screen refresh rate ensures smooth and responsive interactions.

Disadvantages of Honor 90 GT:

No device is without its drawbacks, and the Honor 90 GT is no exception. Here are some aspects where it falls short:

  • No Wireless Charging: The absence of wireless charging and reverse wireless charging might disappoint users looking for these convenient features.
  • Lack of Screen Protection: The device lacks a Gorilla Glass layer, potentially leaving the screen vulnerable to scratches and damage.
  • Not Water and Dust Resistant: The Honor 90 GT does not adhere to any approved water and dust resistance standards, limiting its durability in challenging environments.
  • No 3.5mm Port: Audiophiles might miss the traditional 3.5mm earphone jack, as the Honor 90 GT does not include this feature.
  • No Memory Card Slot: The absence of a MicroSD memory card slot restricts users from expanding external storage, a limitation for those who require additional space.


In conclusion, the Honor 90 GT emerges as a flagship contender in the smartphone landscape. Its impeccable design, vibrant display, powerful performance, and feature-rich camera system make it a compelling choice. The generous battery capacity and lightning-fast charging further elevate its appeal.

However, users need to weigh the advantages against the identified shortcomings. The absence of wireless charging, screen protection, water resistance, a 3.5mm port, and a memory card slot might influence the purchasing decision.

As with any tech investment, it’s crucial to consider individual preferences and priorities. The Honor 90 GT stands as a testament to innovation and excellence, catering to users who seek a powerful and sophisticated smartphone experience.

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