Realme, Qualcomm, and ArcSoft Unveil Groundbreaking Imaging Technology in Realme GT5 Pro

In a significant leap forward for smartphone photography, Realme, Qualcomm, and ArcSoft announced a groundbreaking collaboration in imaging technology during an official communication meeting on November 22, 2023. The trio introduced an ultra-core telephoto image system that integrates cutting-edge optical hardware, chip arithmetic, and advanced image algorithms.

Realme GT5 Pro’s Revolutionary Camera Setup: Realme revealed that their upcoming flagship, the Realme GT5 Pro, will feature a three-party jointly tuned IMX890 super light periscope telephoto lens. This move aims to challenge the industry’s strongest low-light telephoto capabilities with ultra-high specifications at the main camera level.

Key Features of Realme GT5 Pro Camera Setup:

  • IMX890 Sensor: The Sony IMX890 sensor, a key component of the Realme GT5 Pro’s imaging system, boasts a 1/1.56-inch ultra-large base, surpassing competitors with an 89% higher base than the OV64B and an impressive 143% increase over the JN1.
  • Aperture and Zoom: The large F/2.6 aperture, coupled with 3x optical zoom, OIS + EIS super anti-shake technology, and all-pixel omnidirectional focusing, positions the Realme GT5 Pro as a formidable contender in the realm of smartphone photography.
  • Ultra Luminous Periscope Telephoto Lens: The IMX890 Ultra Luminous Periscope Telephoto sets a new standard as the industry’s most light-sensitive telephoto lens. Supporting prime-level 4-in-1 multi-pixel fusion technology, this lens enables a large 2μm single pixel, resulting in a remarkable 215% increase in light-sensitivity compared to regular upright telephoto lenses.
  • DOL-HDR Technology: An additional highlight is the introduction of DOL-HDR technology at the telephoto end for the first time in the GT5 Pro. This technology, facilitated by a new 2×6+1 multi-frame preference strategy, enhances image latitude and dynamic range, resulting in purer and more realistic images.Realme, Qualcomm, and ArcSoft Unveil Groundbreaking Imaging Technology in Realme GT5 Pro

Advancements in Image Processing: Realme has further enhanced the imaging capabilities of the GT5 Pro through an ultra-core image heterogeneous computing framework. This framework leads to a 44% increase in single-frame processing speed, a 10% reduction in image power consumption, and support for up to 13 frames of multi-frame compositing. These advancements contribute to a significant improvement in image quality.

Collaboration with ArcSoft: Realme has embarked on a deep collaboration with ArcSoft, a global leader in artificial intelligence for computer vision. Together, they have tuned and debuted the telephoto super light and shadow engine, breaking through the telephoto image quality ceiling across AI semantic perception, image quality enhancement, and computed light and shadow.

Industry Impact and Future Developments: This collaboration signifies Realme’s most profound partnership with Qualcomm and ArcSoft, opening up the entire tuning chain of chips, sensors, and algorithms. By delving into the underlying image architecture, Realme has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of telephoto image quality, performance, and algorithms, leading the industry into a new inflection point for telephoto imaging.

Expansion of Periscope Telephoto Offerings: In an expansion of their periscope telephoto offerings, Realme’s digital series will feature the OmniVision OV64B sensor. The upcoming Realme 12 series is expected to carry this technology forward, showcasing Realme’s commitment to advancing smartphone photography across its product lineup.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Realme, Qualcomm, and ArcSoft marks a significant milestone in smartphone imaging technology. The Realme GT5 Pro’s innovative camera setup, coupled with advancements in image processing, is poised to set new standards for low-light telephoto capabilities. As the industry witnesses this breakthrough, smartphone enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the Realme GT5 Pro to experience the next level of mobile photography.

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