Vivo Unveils Affordable TWS 3e Earbuds with Advanced ANC Technology

SourcesIn a move set to revolutionize the audio accessory market, Vivo has launched its latest addition to the true wireless earbuds segment, the TWS 3e. These affordable earbuds, released alongside the S18 series of smartphones, boast cutting-edge features, including Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). This article provides an overview of the Vivo TWS 3e earbuds, detailing their design, hardware specifications, notable features, and pricing in Nepal.

Design and Hardware

The Vivo TWS 3e comes in an in-ear wireless design with an elegant pebble-like case, available in two stylish color options: Dark Blue and White. The case, adorned with the company’s logo on the front, features a distinctive “love” signature on the back. Notably, the earbuds offer IP54 water and ingress protection, ensuring durability and reliability. The 11mm dynamic drivers contribute to a high-quality audio experience, enhancing the overall user satisfaction.

Vivo Unveils Affordable TWS 3e Earbuds with Advanced ANC Technology


  • Connectivity: The TWS 3e is equipped with Bluetooth v5.3 for seamless connectivity, providing users with a reliable and efficient wireless experience.
  • Noise Cancellation: Offering AI noise cancellation during calls, the earbuds deliver crystal-clear audio, ensuring an uninterrupted communication experience even in noisy environments.
  • 3D Panoramic Sound Mode: Introducing a 3D panoramic sound mode, Vivo enhances the audio experience by providing spatial audio, immersing users in a rich and dynamic sound environment.
  • Low-Latency Mode: Gamers will appreciate the low-latency mode with up to 55ms latency, providing a responsive and immersive gaming experience.


  • Design: In-ear
  • Sound Driver: 11 mm driver
  • Playback: 44 hours (with Case), 11 hours (Buds only)
  • Charging: Via USB Type-C
  • Resistance: IPX4
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3
  • Noise Cancellation: AI Noise Cancellation during calls
  • Other Features: Gaming Mode (55ms latency), 3D Panoramic Sound Mode
  • Color Options: Dark Blue, White


Vivo’s TWS 3e earbuds represent a noteworthy addition to the audio accessory market, combining affordability with advanced features such as ANC and 3D panoramic sound. With a sleek design and impressive specifications, these earbuds are poised to captivate tech enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. Stay tuned for further updates and reviews as consumers explore the immersive world of audio offered by Vivo’s latest innovation.


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