OnePlus Nord CE4 vs. Nothing Phone 2(a): Benchmark Battle

In the competitive realm of mid-range smartphones, the OnePlus Nord CE4 and Nothing Phone 2(a) stand out with their promising features and competitive pricing. Priced aggressively at Rs 24,999, the Nord CE4 brings upgraded camera capabilities, enhanced battery life, and faster charging support. On the other hand, the Nothing Phone 2(a), priced at Rs 23,999, offers a clean Android experience and swift performance. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison based on benchmarks and gaming experience to determine which device comes out on top.


  • OnePlus Nord CE4:

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  • Nothing Phone 2(a):
    • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro
    • GPU: ARM Mali-G610 MC4
    • Memory: Up to 12GB LPDDR4X RAM

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Despite the Nord CE4 having less RAM capacity, it outperformed the Nothing Phone 2(a) in both single and multi-core tests, indicating smoother performance for everyday tasks and demanding activities like gaming and video editing.OnePlus Nord CE4 vs. Nothing Phone 2(a): Benchmark Battle


In the AnTuTu benchmark, which assesses memory, CPU, and GPU performance, the Nord CE4 secured a higher score compared to the Nothing Phone 2(a), showcasing its overall better performance.OnePlus Nord CE4 vs. Nothing Phone 2(a): Benchmark Battle

CPU Throttle Test:

The CPU throttle test revealed the Nothing Phone 2(a) to be superior, exhibiting higher stability (92%) in peak performance compared to the Nord CE4 (77%) under stress conditions.OnePlus Nord CE4 vs. Nothing Phone 2(a): Benchmark Battle

Gaming Experience:

Both devices provide a smooth gaming experience with their flat displays featuring 120Hz refresh rates. Playing BGMI for 30 minutes, both maintained stable performance with minimal temperature increases. However, the Nord CE4 showed slightly better battery efficiency, consuming 7% battery compared to the 10% consumed by the Nothing Phone 2(a).


While the OnePlus Nord CE4 emerges as the winner in terms of benchmarks, other factors come into play for users’ consideration:

  • Design enthusiasts may prefer the Nothing Phone 2(a) for its customizable LED lights.
  • The Nord CE4 offers superior battery life with a 5,500mAh unit and supports 100W charging out of the box.
  • Software preferences vary, with the Nothing Phone 2(a) offering a lighter, cleaner UI, while the Nord CE4’s OxygenOS boasts additional features like Auto-pixelate 2.0 and Canvas AOD.

Ultimately, the choice between the OnePlus Nord CE4 and Nothing Phone 2(a) depends on individual priorities and preferences, whether it’s performance, design, or software experience.

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