Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Comprehensive Three-Week Review

In the tech world, the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra stirred a whirlwind of excitement, earning accolades as the best phone in the market from early reviews. Now, after three weeks of extensive use, it’s time to transition from the gloss of spec sheets to the tangible nuances of day-to-day experiences. This article takes a deep dive into the subtleties of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, uncovering both the remarkable features that initial reviews may have missed and the unexpected drawbacks that emerged during real-world usage.

The Flat Display Advantage:

Advantages of a Flat Display:

  • Versatility with Screen Protectors: The flat display of the S24 Ultra, often a subject of debate, emerges as an advantage when it comes to screen protectors. A broad range of affordable tempered glass protectors, including privacy screens, enhances user options.
  • Reduced Glare and Anti-Reflective Brilliance: The anti-reflective nature of the glass, coupled with a 2600 nit display, results in significantly reduced glare. In well-lit environments, the S24 Ultra outshines competitors, offering a clear and comfortable viewing experience.
  • S Pen Experience: The flat display proves beneficial for S Pen users, allowing for writing closer to the edges. However, the digitizer’s occasional wonkiness on the outer edges and the potential triggering of the back gesture near the left side pose challenges.
  • Larger Buttons for Enhanced Usability: The absence of a waterfall edge contributes to larger buttons, subtly improving the phone’s convenience and usability. Retrieving the phone from the pocket becomes a more tactile and user-friendly experience.

Battery Life and Charging:

Impressive Battery Life:

  • Extended Battery Longevity: The Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts remarkable battery life, with nearly two days of usage reported even with Quad HD enabled. The convenience of plugging in during workouts adds to the overall positive user experience.
  • Wireless Charging Recommendations: Despite its weight, the phone’s compatibility with MagSafe charging cases is highlighted for efficient wireless charging. Choosing a case with a robust magnet ensures a secure connection.
  • Drawback: Stand Required for Media Consumption: The absence of a folding feature necessitates investing in a stand or tripod for video consumption. Limitations in multitasking, restricting it to the top and bottom of the screen, pose challenges for content creators.

AI Features and Software Updates:

AI Features:

  • Innovative AI-Generated Wallpapers: The S24 Ultra introduces AI-generated wallpapers, providing users with creative options based on preferences. The author highlights the potential for improvement in this feature over time.
  • Circle to Search Brilliance: The Circle to Search feature emerges as a favorite, offering diverse use cases, from searching for text to identifying objects in videos. Its functionality in various scenarios showcases the phone’s versatility.
  • Maturity of One UI: Over the past 2-3 years, One UI has undergone substantial changes, evolving into a more mature and user-friendly interface. The author, a former Pixel user, expresses a newfound preference for the familiarity and sophistication of One UI.
  • Durability and Longevity: The durability of the S24 Ultra, featuring titanium edges and scratch-resistant glass, stands out as a positive aspect. Coupled with the promise of seven years of updates, the phone establishes itself as a long-term investment.

Camera Performance:

Natural Photos and Low-Light Excellence:

  • Evolution in Photo Processing: Departing from the oversaturation tendencies of previous models, the S24 Ultra captures natural photos with a slightly warmer hue. Low-light performance in urban environments receives accolades, particularly in zoomed shots.
  • Limitations in Extreme Low-Light Conditions: In extremely dark outdoor settings with minimal light pollution, the camera struggles, attempting to replicate daylight conditions. The article advises users to avoid using the ultra-wide lens in such scenarios.
  • Telephoto Lens Brilliance: The 5x telephoto lens excels in macro and product shots, delivering a natural blur without relying on portrait mode. Portrait mode itself is praised for its natural depth of field, though the reduction in detail suggests careful framing during the initial shot.

Social Media Camera Test:

  • Snapchat and Instagram Compatibility: A brief test on social media platforms reveals the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s compatibility with Snapchat and Instagram. Improved dynamic range is noted, enhancing the quality of content shared on these platforms.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Conclusion: The Everyday Phone of Choice:

  • Evolution of One UI and Overall Impression: The article concludes with a positive outlook on One UI’s evolution, highlighting its maturity and user-centric design. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, despite lacking a folding feature, is crowned as the everyday phone of choice for the author, surpassing expectations with its impressive hardware and software capabilities.

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